e.Planners is a non-profit educational organization founded by prominent estate, trust, tax and business attorneys from around the United States.  It provides state of the art educational opportunities and resources for its members while furthering the collegiality of the profession.  And it's for serious estate, tax and business planners who don't take themselves too seriously.


Applying the Golden Rule, Members share  information and the latest estate and tax planning techniques.  Taking turns teaching, mentoring and collaborating among themselves allows members  to tap into a group "think tank" through a unique assembly of experienced practitioners.


But the best part is the camaraderie and friendships developed within the group.  Local hosts of the three times per year e.Planners conferences roll out the red carpet every time for their beloved colleagues.


Conferences have been held throughout the U.S. including:  San Diego, CA; Austin, TX; Mystic, CT; San Antonio, TX; Kansas City, MO; Wichita, KS; St. Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA; New Orleans, LA; Las Vegas, NV; Denver, CO; Durham, N.C.; and many other great cities.









"The educational experience is like none other.  We don't just sit and take notes.  We are either presenting the program or participating directly in an open forum.  It's intimate and inviting.  A great way to learn!"


David Claflin, Austin, Texas

"I never thought hanging out with a bunch of estate planning lawyers could be so much fun.  I've met some of my best and dearest friends in e.Planners."


Scuyler Mark Porter Kurlbaum, Overland Park, KS